Kevin Watkins
Owner of agency that provides website copywriting, design, on-site SEO, and development to local businesses. I am big on creating systems and processes for my workflow. I have a small remote team that includes a contract writer, developer, and project manager. We've focused on providing websites and website maintenance as our two core products after playing with the full agency model in the past. I'm currently exploring productizing niche marketings. Two examples are and We moved from WordPress to Webflow in 2020, but still use Shopify for larger eCommerce sites. My past life including working at a video production company doing operations, marketing, and video editing. I graduated college during the recession in 2008 and worked at a pizza/sandwich shop right out of school with my degree and eventually worked my way back into the creative field. One of my first websites was for the sandwich shop I worked for. I think I charged $150 for it. I started Farewell Media on nights and weekends while working at the video production company.
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